Fused Glass Art

These 2 photos have my glass pieces framed into the fence at a friends house in Portland OR. They came up with this idea!
few different color birdbath bowls.

A piece of 3/16 inch thick recycled glass with a celtic horse embossed in it
This fish was inspired by a friend. Colored with many layers of ground colored glass
This was the front door to the studio for awhile. I will reinstall it in my new studio.
A glass pyramid cap that glows at night with a solar light


Each side of these glass obelisks are slumped in the kiln before being assembled with silicone adhesive. They are approximately 2 feet tall and 8 inches square at the base.
They can be made with any number of shapes embossed into the glass.
These are some glass faces that I have made using ceramic forms and colored ground glass.
A red lotus offering bowl for a local yoga studio.

A blue lotus with votive candle.

Two little bowls for the kitties.

A bamboo themed glass transom above a door.

Fused glass top with recycled rebar base.